Friday 2017

8:00        Mindful Morning - Reflections

9:00 Opening - ECHO Leahy Center

-Mini Film Festival

9:15        Special Guest - Jenn Hill and Students


      What Next in Your School or Organization Using Design Thinking


    Plan your Prototype Using Design Thinking

                                Prototype a Lesson or Unit
                                Prototype a Project (i.e. Creating a Maker Space / Film Festival, etc)
                                Prototype a Maker Project
                                Prototype a Design Process to help address a Community Challenge          

Past Projects
    CML Blog Post  Create Make Learn Blog


______ - Logistics     and Q & A  

            Plan Your Kits
              Parking Lot

11:30      Group Picture

and more PICS

11:45      Lunch - Conversations by Group

12:15     Share and Celebrate

1:00        Grad Credit Meeting Grad Credit  
            or Additional Recertification Credit
               Next Steps Work time


Staying Connected - Continuing to Share
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Austin's Butterfly

2:00      Butterfly Exhibit