After you Complete the Registration Form, you will receive an email asking you to make arrangements for payment. 

Invoices will be generated and sent to the Billing Contact entered on this form.  A W-9 and EIN number for Tech Savvy Solution LLC will be sent to the Billing Contact with the invoice.    

All Payees must include Tax Exempt Certificate number, or sales tax will be added to your invoice for your toolkit. 


Purchase orders and checks should be made out to 

TechSavvy Solution, LLC   70 South Winooski Ave Ste 121  Burlington, VT  05401 
Contact info:   Lucie deLaBruere   802 557 0013

Credit Card Payment 

To avoid Credit card fees, please pay by check or purchase order.
If paying by credit card,  credit card fees are automatically added  (along with sales tax for the toolkit option)
If you have tax exempt information, please email it ahead of time to receive a Code that will remove sales tax at checkout)

Contact info:   Lucie deLaBruere   802 557 0013

 Click here for credit card payments 

Note that credit card prices  include a 3% processing charge. 

Please be sure to include the name of the participant as a note on any purchase orders, payments, and credit card orders.