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Monday 2016

8:00 Kickoff - Champlain College  / Champlain Room
           Champlain College in the CCM Building - Champlain Room             Center for Communication and Creative Media
            375 Maple Street, Burlington Vermont  

            Registration and Gearing Up Checklist             
8:00 Create Make Learn Registration and Gearing Up  Checklist            
  • Pick up your ToolBox - Explore Contents

  • Assemble Your Name Badge

  • Apply the Words Create / Make / Learn to your Toolbox

  • Personalize Your Water Bottle using Dremel Tool

  • Get Acquainted with someone you don’t know
    And get ready to Introduce Them when we get started

  • Find your Assigned Table

8:30 Welcome and Introductions Slides

9:00 Setting the Stage with Lisa Yokana and Kevin Jarrett

11:00 - 11:20 Learning by Design at Create Make Learn (Lucie and CML Team)

11:20 Graduate Credit Overview

11:50 - 12:30 Lunch at Champlain College

12:30 - 12:45 Walk to your afternoon session

12:45  - 4:00  PM Session

Strand 3/4 Making Media 
Create Awesome Animations  

Strand 1-YM Making with Younger Learners (Gr K-5)
Make Something That - Materials Discovery

Strand 1-OL Making with Older Learners (Gr 5-12)
Imagine, Invent, Innovate

Strand 2 Growing Our Makers Skills (Intermediate)
Designing for Laser Cutters

Other Options

Arduino Labs
Soldering Labs
3D printing Labtime
Laser Cutting Labtime
Vinyl Cutting Labtime
Coding Robots Lab
My Own Project Time
Team Tab