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Friday 2016


8:00 Opening - ECHO Science Center


            Free Parking at Champlain College Spaces (and walk to Echo)             Paid Parking via City of Burlington (Metered Parking) - see Directions

8:00 - 10:30 CONVERSATIONS and CELEBRATIONS            
  • Bring something your made physically or digitally this week (For digital articles, upload to Google Drive or elsewhere and bring the link)

  • (Yes you can bring more than one thing)
  • We'll create a digital and physical gallery showcasing what we Created, Made, and Learned this week.
  • Bring your laptop or Chromebook and a device to take pictures with (phone, ipad, webcam off computer, etc)


CML 2016 Shared Album

10:00 - 11:00 GROUP TIMES
                        Team Times
                        Librarians Unite
                        Art Teachers Assimilate
                        HS Teachers or Elementary Teachers Converse

10:45  - 1:00 Community Connections
                    The AfterSchool Connection - Tracy
                    Prototyping with ECHO

1:00 - 3:00        WHAT NEXT in YOUR SCHOOL or Organization


                        Plan your Prototype
                                Prototype a Lesson or Unit
                                Prototype a Project (i.e. Creating a Maker Space / Film Festival, etc)
                                Prototype a Maker Project
                                Prototype a Design Process to help address a Community Challenge

3:00     Clarifying Questions
                Lucie will stick around to answer any clarifying questions about Kits, Grad Credit, Lessons, etc.
                If you have no clarifying questions, enjoy some reflection time on the way home.

Staying Connected - Continuing to Share
                Community/ OnLine
                School Visits