CREATE MAKE and LEARN is a series of professional development opportunities for educators to experience the power of learning through creating and making.  We are currently gearing up for some day long sessions in January and March of 2015 and the Create Make Learn Summer Institute  (scheduled for the week of July 20, 2015).  If you are interested in receiving an email when details and ready and registration is open CLICK HERE to Join our Mailing List   and you'll be amongst the first to know. 

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Below are some of our some recent events that the Create Make Learn Community have participated in. 

Vermont Fest Workshop

STEAM Powered Learning

Thank you to all of you who helped us meet our  Champlain Mini Maker Faire goal:
A communal 3D printer build that would be started and finished during the weekend of the Faire. 
Mission Accomplished!  
Special Thanks to the educators and students from Vermont who helped run the printer build exhibit! 

Day 1

Day 2 of our Communal Printer Build

YouTube Video

MISSION Accomplished

10 minutes before the end of the Maker Faire, 
we accomplished our goal.  The last piece,  (the power supply)
was added and "yeah"  and our little Printrbot 3D printer
emitted a happy green glow saying "I'm alive". 

What next!   Install software, calibration and run our first print. 
But that's for another day!  

And once that is done, our goal is that this little 3d Printr will be used in Vermont classrooms who have some great ideas of how to use a 3D printer to enhance their learning.  

Google+ Post

Google+ Post


Past Events

a fun filled week creating, making, and learning together 
July 14 - 18, 2014

CREATING and MAKING in education is being driven by more affordable and powerful technologies, and new opportunities to engage students while equipping them with the skills necessary for college, career, and life in their community.  Never before have we been able to turn a classroom into an safe and wondrous place to learn by making art, music, movies,  games, ebooks, apps, toys, 3D prototypes,  and  new inventions.   This summer, 50 educators experienced the power of using today’s tools and their impact on learning during a fun-filled week creating, making and learning together. We returned to our classrooms with new skills, new tools, and new ideas for increasing student engagement, empowerment, and agency as well as ideas on how to use the power of making to meet Common Core and Next Generation standards. We are especially thankful for the support that we got from 





Vita Learn Panel

3D printing panel Vermont Fest