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Create Make Learn Bios

Kevin Jarrett


Kevin Jarrett is an award winning elementary educator, professional development consultant, maker, photographer and author.  In 2012 he “re-imagined” his learning space, making it into a STEM-infused, learner-centered experience called the “STEMLAB.” Learn more about the journey that brought 3D printing, Minecraft, and design thinking to his school on his blog http://blogs.ncs-nj.org/k4stemlab/. Kevin is a Google Certified Innovator, recipient of the ISTE “Making IT Happen” Award, co-founder of the Edcamp movement.  He presents frequently on edtech topics at local, regional and national conferences (including ISTE15 in Philadelphia). Learn more about Kevin here.

Lisa Yokana


Lisa will bring her expert in integrating design across all curriculum areas to this year’s Create Make Learn participants. Don’t miss a chance to work with Lisa to learn how to integrate design with your students and in your own practice.   Learn more about Lisa by reading her many articles published  Edutopia, ASCD, Teachers Guild and Getting Smart.

Lucie deLaBruere


Create Make Learn Institute was founded by Lucie as part of her goal to be an ambassador of creativity and innovation in our public schools.  After spending 30 years in K12 education, Lucie and her husband Craig currently  live and learn in a 1983 vintage Bluebird bus visiting creative spaces around the US and seeking ways to partner with educators and students who are passionate about creativity and innovation.  Lucie is adjunct faculty at the University of Vermont and Marlboro College Graduate School and is also a Google Certified Innovator and Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Craig Lyndes

Craig Lyndes's profile photo

Craig Lyndes is an IT specialist with 30 years of experience supporting technology in Vermont schools, including Franklin West Supervisory Union,  Burlington School District, South Burlington Schools, Champlain Valley Union High School. Craig is known for his commitment to student and empowering both students and teachers with ACCESS to digital tools.

Jill Dawson


Jill Dawson is a licensed middle and secondary humanities teacher, and Google Certified Educator, with an endorsement as a Technology Integration Specialist.  As an enthusiastic recipient of an Ignite a Maker grant, Jill has been playing with code, experimenting with e-textiles and paper circuitry, and teaching a variety of creative workshops for students and adults. Jill is also a bookbinder and artist who has successfully merged traditional binding techniques with the addition of microprocessors and LEDs.  To learn more about Jill or her creative work, visit http://blingthebook.blogspot.com/ or http://about.me/jill.dawson.

Leah Joly


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Leah Joly has experience as a classroom teacher, professional artist, math specialist, and workshop presenter.  She currently holds endorsements in Art, Design & Technology, and Elementary Education.  After teaching math for the last several years, Leah is excited to be stepping into the role of Williston School District’s Design & Technology teacher this fall.  Last year Leah was one of the first recipients of the Ignite a Maker grant and spent two months in residence at Generator learning and working with others to gain more expertise with coding, and more specifically, eTextiles.  

Tony Galle


Tony Galle has been an educator in Vermont for 13 years.  He's a former Art teacher with a passion for technology (in his artwork and personal life). Having completed a Master's degree program at UVM with an Education Technology focus, Tony now serves as the Director of Education Technology at Rice Memorial High School in South Burlington, VT.  As s CML attendee in 2014, Tony acquired a 3D printer.  Now, he combines his expertise with SketchUp and his experiences with 3D modeling to teach students of all ages how to create.  

Shannon Walters



Shannon Walters is passionate about using technology and the arts to create, collaborate, communicate and connect in new ways. She brings with her years of experience integrating technology as a Teacher Librarian and Technology Integration specialist at The Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington.  Shannon is Co-Director for Governor’s Institutes of Vermont’s IT & Digital Media Institute @ Champlain College, a 10 day residential institute focused on game design, microcontrollers, cybersecurity, digital media creation and web design for high school students.   Recipient of the Vermont Outstanding Teacher Award, she is Technology Concerns Chair for the Vermont School Library Association.  Shannon has also served as a “Maker Space” lead learner for Tarrant Code Camp and Dynamic Landscapes state technology conference, as well as faculty at the University of Vermont.  

Sarah Sutter


Sarah Sutter is a high school Art and Design Tech teacher from Toyko, photographer, Google Certified Innovator, and amazing Maker of beautiful things.  Her design program includes Design and Fabrication and 3D Design (a visual arts class geared towards students who want to use makerspaces to create with a bias towards fine arts (including furniture design, product design, architecture, fashion, accessories, sculputure and more.  She brings experiences from Fab 11 conference at MIT, Fab Lab Kamakura, and Fab Learn Asia.  You can follow her and her student’s work on  on her  sarahsutterteacher instagram account  or on this blog

Joe Chase

Joe Chase is a teacher/engineer with over 30 years of experience in bringing technology to new places. Recipient of the MIT Inspirational Teacher Award and 2 time winner of the Vermont Outstanding Teacher Award, Joe brings a fresh perspective to learning through making.

Rod Batschelet


Rod spent the first two years of his career as a professional graphic artist, but quickly moved on to become a professional airbrush illustrator/instructor and then computer graphics illustrator and fine artist. Having taken a course in Web Design and Development at Champlain College, Rod was hired as the technology integration specialist at Benson Village School. He has been there for nearly six years, introducing 3D printing, programming, web design, desktop publishing and game design with an artistic flair to the students and faculty. He has been a presenter on 3D printing at Dynamic Landscapes and on Maker panels at Vermont Fest and Dynamic Landscapes.

Charlie MacFadyen


Charlie is the technology integration specialist and computer programming teacher at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, VT.  Prior to that, he taught math and music in schools in New York City and Vermont.  Charlie is an active musician who enjoys performing, composing and recording music (including these gr

ammar ditties).

Matt Flego

Matt Flego is an industrial designer, maker, entrepreneur, who is always willing to help anyone at the Generator. His skills include

  • Metal working / Welding / Machining (manual and CNC)

  • 3d modeling / CAM programming / Rendering

  • Cabinet Making / Fine Woodworking

  • Hand Drawing / Hand drafting

  • Design development / Manufacturing coordination

  • Project management / Client Communications