Create Make Learn 2016

Lisa and Kevin
We are pleased to have two special guest this year who will be with us at different times during the week to help us delve deeper into the concept of design and how to integrate design thinking across all curriculum area ~
Kevin Jarrett and Lisa Yokana. Both Kevin and Lisa are known for their commitment to design thinking; both are current practitioners who implement design in their classrooms; both have transformed learning spaces using design thinking; both have shared so much with the educational community through their writings for Edutopia, through various blogs, and through social media; and both are coming to Vermont to help us transform our classrooms.

We'll start the week together with to learn more about design, designing learning spaces, design thinking, and teaching design. Then you'll pursue one of the following strands and immediately start creating and making. We'll then end the week together again to reflect, share, and plan next steps for integrating design into your curriculum area. Below are some of the hands on sessions scheduled- (topics with low interest may not be offered).

You'll start in a strand of your choice, but there will be opportunity to take workshops in other strands as the week continues. The week will model personalized learning where you will be in charge of your learning path.

Click here to learn more about Kevin, Lisa and this year's awesome session leaders

Strand 1  Join the Maker Movement With STEAM Powered Learning

Strand 1 sessions are designed for educators who want to design STEAM Powered Learning  with either Young Makers (YM)  or Older Makers (OM).  Note: Although all YM activities are appropriate for K-4 students, they have high ceilings and provide opportunities that can be used to introduce K-12 students to creating and making as well. OM sessions will be most appropriate for students Grades 5 - 12)

S1- YM Intro to Soft Circuits for Young Makers

S1- YM STEAM Powered Learning Design Challenge

S1- YM Toy Hacking with a Purpose

S1- YM Create With Cardboard

S1- YM Making with Young Coders

S1- YM Design & Make Like an Engineer

S1- YM Making with Motors that Jiggle

S1- YM/EM Learn to Solder

S1-OM Design with Soft Circuits (Paper Circuits & eTextiles)

S1-OM Designing Games &  Controllers Pt 1 (Scratch/Makey Makey)

S1-OM Intro to 3D Design & 3D Printing

S1-OM Making with Minecraft

S1-OM Designing your First Arduino Controlled Prototype

S1-OM Designing Games &  Controllers Pt 2 (Scratch/Makey Makey)

S1-OM Making with eTextiles

Strand 2  Extend Your Maker Skills

Strand 2 sessions are geared to help you extend your maker skills and increase your confidence in supporting your own or your students’ projects. Prepare to  create tomorrow’s innovators by experiencing and reflecting on your own learning through creating, making, and design.  Come ready to think with your hands!

S2-EMS Gearing up with Arduino

S2-EMS Laser Cutting Workshop Pt 1

S2-EMS Design and Code Paper Circuits -Pt 1

S2-EMS Design and Code Paper Circuits -Pt 2

S2-EMS Laser Cutting Workshop Pt 2

S2-EMS Building Confidence w Arduino

S2-EMS Making Sense of Sensors w Arduino

S2-EMS Intro to Raspberry Pi

S2-EMS Making, Inventing, Learning with Raspberry Pi

S2-EMS Arduino Project time

S2-EMS Your Project Time  w Certified Laser Instructor

S2-EMS Your Project Time with Arduino / Raspberry Pi Coaching

S2-EMS Making Kinetic Sculptures Pt 1

S2-EMS Making Kinetic Sculptures Pt 2

S2-EMS 3D Design for 3D Printing Using Sketchup

S2-EMS Finishing Techniques for 3D Prints

S2-EMS Even More Making in 3D - Scanners, Doodlers, and More  Software Options

Strand 3  Create With Chrome

Strand 3  was designed to help educators become confident with tools that support Creating and Making in a Chromebook Learning Environment. Learn how to engage and empower your students with their Chromebook while making movies, eBooks, creating with code, and more.

S3-CB Creating Visual Impact w Chrome Apps and Extensions

S3-CB Making Movies w We Video

S3-CB Making Movies w We Video

S3-CB Making Movies with Green Screen using WeVideo

S3-CB Make Podcast and other Audio Projects on Chromebooks

S3-CB Making eBooks and other Interactives in Chrome

S3-CB Create with Code on Chromebooks (Coding/Robots/ Arduino)

S3-CB Designing  in 3D for 3D Printing on Chromebook

Strand 4  Create With iPads

Strand 4  was designed to help educators move student from consumers to creators with  iPads. This session is brought to you in collaboration with the award winning RETN.

S4-iOS Making Music, Podcast, & Audio Projects with Garageband

S4-iOS Making Movies with iMovie  (2 days)

S4-iOS Create Green Screen Effects in your Media Projects

S4-iOS Creating Stop Motion/ Animation

Pre-conference or Bonus Sessions 

Pre-conference:  Gear up with Confidence Sessions

For educators who want to feel more confident with their device before launching into a week of creating and making. These sessions will slowly orient you to the basics of the tools so that you feel  more confident using your device.  

S PC Gearing Up with iPads

S PC Gearing Up with Chromebooks and Google Tools

Pre-conference:  Bonus Sessions

For educators who want to spend a day extending their learning

S PC Build A 3D Printer

No 3D printers is  plug and play. They all require tinkering to use and maintain.  Why not gain the confidence you need to support and maintain your 3D printer by building it yourself.  We will coach you through every step of the way.  You’ll leave with a finished printers that you understand and can successfully calibrate, tinker with, and maintain.

S PC Google Educator Certification - BootCamp

Learn the various Google Certifications Options for Educators and get started working towards your certification with a cadre of colleagues who can encourage and support you through the process.

Graduate or Recertification Credit

Recertification credit for 30 hours of professional development will be provided to all participants.

Participants may receive 15 more hours of recertification credit or 3 graduate credit from Marlboro College - Graduate and Professional Studies by fulfilling the requirements outlined on  the course syllabus.   Requirement will include additional reading, discussion, reflections and project completion.

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