Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Create Make Learn Summer Institute

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Tentative date for the 2018 Create Make Learn Summer Institute  July 23 - 27,  2018.


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Strand 1 Join the Maker Movement with STEAM Powered Learning 

For educators looking to add S.T.E.A.M. to their classroom and to get started with Maker Centered Learning by exploring a variety of topics including, design thinking, design challenges, 3D printing, soft circuits, eTextiles, Arduinos, Makey Makey, Little Bits, Cardboard Creations, Scratch, Creating Games, Coding Robots, Minecraft, and more. 

Strand 1a - Focus on Younger Learners (Grades K-4)
Strand 1b - Focus on Older Learners (Grades 5-12)

Strand 1c  Making Media Chromebooks,  iPads, iPods, and iPhones 

For educators looking for new ways for students to CREATE using iPads, iPhones, and Chromebooks. Come and make higher quality movies using Videography techniques.  Document Learning for ePortfolios.  Create Movies with iMovie and WeVideo.  Add Green Screen techniques to your movie-making.  
Create Podcast, Radio Shows, and News Show with your students. 

Strand 2 Extend Your Maker Skills 

For educators with previous experience looking to  extend their maker skills. Topics may include Creating and Making with 3D printers, laser cutters, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, eTextiles, kinetic sculptures, coding robots, vinyl cutting and more. 

Strand 2a - Returning to Create Make Learn and want to expand your skills
Strand 2b - Even More Advanced Maker Topics

Returning CML participants should come prepared to complete a personal maker project.  Mentors and mini-workshops will be offered to help support your project goals.  Pre-Institute mentoring sessions available for those who want help selecting a project. 

Making Media for Portfolios, Proficiencies, and Personalized Learning

Media Making provides students and teachers with opportunities to create evidence of proficiency, add visual and interactive elements to portfolios, express creativity ,tell their personal story of learning, and more. Why not add media making to your toolbox this summer?

Bonus  Sessions  

Available upon request. 

Build a 3D printer

~ Tool  Certification on Laser Cutter 
(allows you to use the Laser Cutter at the Generator) 
~ Build your Confidence with Code series


a mobile studio for Creating and Making
bring a Create Make Learn experience to your
school or community. 

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